Let SWAG Do the Work
  • In a word, we are experienced. Benefit from the lessons we've learned!
    • We know what people like and we know what's hot.
    • We know how long it takes to get merchandise prepared and
         delivered to where you need it.
    • We know what vendors do the best job in certain
  • SWAG can make the difference. Put us to work.
    • Unlimited product choices
    • Relationships with the most prestigious brands
    • Industry-leading warehousing and fulfillment capabilities
    • Specialize in broad-scope programs that include lots of
         SKU's, company representatives placing orders, ship-to
         points and program managers
    • Broad, complex fulfillment programs are our specialty: Ad
         specialties and logistics distinguishes SWAG from our
People, Service, Product
Collaboration is Cool
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